To develop our little players, skill and understanding of the game the Club introduced an in house program for 5, 6 and 7 year olds. This is in line with many European models of soccer development This program runs on Saturdays and has been extremely succesful.

Saturdays we start with some skills training, in this parents participation is a very important. We then play in Small Sided Games in 4 vs 4 games.

This gives the following player advantages:

  • Maximum playing time
  • Maximum number of ball touches
  • Increased ball skill development
  • Confidence with dribbling, passing and all aspects of the game.

No travelling between clubs is required.

Joeyball was founded by Bernd Jahn and Robert de Kleine and subsequently developed by Mike Pascoe with the assistance of the club's coaching staff. Any queries please email the current Joeyball Coordinator Robert de Kleine.

2017 Season details

Joeyball 2017 runs 20 Saturdays, from 25th of March to 17th of September

Exceptions:           Joeyball is not played in the school holiday

Time:            11.15 am to 12.30 pm

Where:          Upper Wauhop Park          Cnr Wauhop Rd and Preston Pt Rd, East Fremantle

Cost:               $275    Includes Football West fees, FFA National Registration fee, Insurance, Kit, and Medallion at end of season.

:              New players will receive a Joeyball Club shirt.  Soccer boots (or grass shoes) are recommended especially when grounds are wet, but not compulsory.  Shin pads are required.


For further information:

 Joeyball Coordinator:      Robert de Kleine               0417 649 654      Email:               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Session videos

Joeyball skills explanation

Session 1   coming soon
 Session 2   coming soon
 Session 3   coming soon
 Session 4
 Session 5
 Session 6
Session 7
 Session 8
 Session 9
 Session 10
 Session 11
 Session 12
 Session 13 coming soon
 Session 14 coming soon
 Session 15 coming soon
 Session 16 coming soon